Eurotecno has chosen to specialize in the production and application of silicone gaskets, also known as Foam-in-place gasketing (FIP Gaskets).

Our highly precise and fully CNC-controlled gasketing/sealant application service enables us to deliver a superior quality final product.

Foam-in-place gasketing is a special type of silicone gasket that creates a precise and geometrically defined insulation path.

Unlike standard seals, Gasket creates a sealing bead along the piece’s surface that, once dried, ensures perfect hydraulic and electronic (radio frequency interference) insulation of the piece.
The presence of a DATRON PR0500 in our machinery fleet

allows us to maintain exceptionally high standards in silicone gasket dispensing, even on small and medium-sized components.

By dispensing the silicone gasket in a geometrically defined way, this machine offers the highest level of processing precision.
Seals produced through gasketing are used

in electronic devices that emit unwanted radio frequencies outside the component itself,

creating a physical barrier that prevents the escape of electromagnetic waves and protects the components from dust, moisture, and vibrations.

Manufacturing processes

Our manufacturing processes adhere to consistently high-quality standards, allowing us to focus on components that meet centesimal tolerances.
Upon request, we offer logistics services and we can provide a comprehensive range of finishing treatments including burnishing, tempering, anodization, and nickel plating.

Industries we work for

Thanks to our dedicated CAD-CAM programming workstations for machine tools, we can develop machining cycles based on the customer’s design, specifically tailored to optimize production times with complete control throughout the manufacturing process.

This allows us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each industry.


Empowering our clients to embark on a well-structured “research and development” and “product upgrade” path protects both their business and ours.

In addition to producing precision mechanical parts for third parties, we also offer consulting, design, and prototyping services to help our clients refine their projects.

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